Welcome to our Photography Studio

A trip to our professional photography studio is an exciting day out for the family to create magical memories that will be captured forever.

If you have never been to a photography studio before, you may not know what to expect.

Our Studio creates a relaxed atmosphere, specifically designed to put you at ease during your photography session. Watch our short video above to see inside our studio.

While our studio area is set up to capture those milestone family moments, creature comforts are at hand too, with a comfortable seating area, kitchen and toilets.  So, if Mum and Dad need a rest or baby needs a feed, we have it covered.

Our photography studio is a blank canvas which is transformed into your own setting.  We discuss your session in advance so when you arrive at the studio it will already be set up to your specifications.  All you need to do is step into the studio and enjoy the experience.

Studio Quality Photography
The studio setting allows us to create superior quality photographs in a controlled setting.  After all, we want to provide quality photographs for you to cherish forever.

One of the benefits of photography in the studio is we control of the elements with underfloor heating.  No matter what the weather outside is doing, the studio remains a serene and consistent environment.

For young children, the studio is a great safe environment with fewer distractions compared to the outdoors, their focus is in the room creating genuine and natural expressions.

The studio is fully equipped with everything we may need so that the focus can be 100% on your family photo session.

Planning Your Visit
Request one of our brochures for Newborn, Baby Plan or Cake Smash Sessions.

We recommend that you book 2-4 months ahead of your baby’s due date or birthday.  During this time, you are free to arrange a visit to the studio to familiarise yourself.  We will advise you on what you need to bring for your baby’s session and answer any questions you may have.

We look forward to seeing you in our photography studio soon.

Zsofia x